Cooking Equipment Rentals

Charcoal Grill - 6'
$105.00 / day
Propane Grill - 6'
$285.00 / day
Propane Grill - 3'
$195.00 / day
Baker's Rack
$60.00 / day
Jack Stack
$85.00 / day
Plate Mate
$90.00 / day
Waffle Iron
$95.00 / day
Hot Dog Roller
$40.00 / day
Panini Grill
$95.00 / day
Toaster Conveyor
$195.00 / day
Copper Heat Lamp
$75.00 / day
Chrome Heat Lamp
$65.00 / day
Griddle Cover
$50.00 / day
Double Side Griddle
$25.00 / day
Copper Pan - 15"
$35.00 / day
Wok w/ Ring - 14"
$35.00 / day
Copper Wok - 12"
$50.00 / day
Bamboo Steamer - 14"
$19.95 / day
Proofing Tray
$2.25 / day
Oval Baking Dish
$18.00 / day
Pizza Paddle
$25.00 / day
Sterno Chafing Fuel
$1.10 / day
Butane Fuel
$6.95 / day
Lighter Fluid
$8.00 / day
Butane Torch
$2.95 / day

People who are in charge of planning private parties or corporate events in New York City often serve food as a part of the celebrations. Many caterers require that people who are hosting these events have commercial kitchen equipment available so that they can prepare the meals and appetizers that will be served. When you will need to prepare large amounts of food, commercial equipment can help to make it much easier. Whether your venue is at an indoor or outdoor location, Concept Party Rentals has all of the cooking equipment that you need to make your party a success. We have commercial refrigerators so that you can easily store all of your food. You can also choose propane grills to help you when you will be hosting an outdoor event. You can also choose from many different stoves, ovens, hot plates, soup kettles and anything else that your menu requires. Our rental equipment is available for you at affordable daily fees, allowing you to serve your guests several delectable food choices that they will savor. We also have many other catering supplies available so that you can outfit your event from the largest to the smallest details.