Stand Rentals

Ceramic Cake Stand - Square
$18.50 / day
Candy 3 Tier Stand
$16.50 / day
Candy 2 Tier Stand
$13.50 / day
Stainless Steel Hammered Riser - Square
$21.00 / day
Mod Stainless Steel Riser - Hexagon
$20.00 / day
Black Metal Riser - Square
$10.00 / day
Mod Tower - Curved
$25.00 / day
Mod Tower - Square
$25.00 / day
$15.00 / day
Stainless Steel Step Display
$40.00 / day
Stainless Steel Display Pan
$40.00 / day
Mod Aluminum Stand - 13" Square
$25.00 / day
Mod Regal Tray Stand - 13" Round
$20.00 / day
Mod Regal Tray Stand - 13" Square
$20.00 / day
Mod Regal Tray Stand - 26" x 10" Oval
$20.00 / day
Wrought Iron 3 Tier Stand - Oval
$25.00 / day
Wrought Iron 3 Tier Stand - Rectangle
$25.00 / day
Iron Sterno Holder
$9.00 / day
Waiter Stand
$5.00 / day

The best events in New York City normally involve terrific food choices. For your party, you will want your guests to be able to partake in delicious fare that looks as great as it tastes. A great way to enhance the experience of your guests is to present your food using stands and displays at buffet station. Concept Party Rentals has a variety of different stands that help your food to make an impact. You can choose from a variety of different cake stands in elegant and modern designs. We also have dessert displays, lazy Susans and three-tiered wrought iron and chrome stands. The servers at your event can use our waiter stands for bussing stations. You can choose the pieces that help to complement your party's theme and style, helping your party to proceed seamlessly. We offer all of our party equipment at affordable daily prices, and we have a broad selection of supplies from which you can choose. We are focused on helping people and businesses throughout NYC to throw the types of parties and events that your guests will fondly remember for years to come.