Barware Rentals

White Wood Folding Bar
$100.00 / day
Farm Bar (6')
$200.00 / day
Sake Pourer (4 oz)
$1.50 / day
Waiter's Corkscrew
$3.00 / day
$3.00 / day
Ice Scoop (6 oz)
$2.00 / day
Bar Blender (44 oz)
$35.00 / day
Champagne Fountain
$100.00 / day
Chrome Ice Bucket
$7.75 / day
Silver Ice Bucket
$10.00 / day
Beer Keg Cooler
$40.00 / day
Ice Cooler (48 qt)
$15.00 / day
Ice Cooler (100 qt)
$35.00 / day
Ice Caddy on Wheels
$45.00 / day
Bus Boy Tub
$3.00 / day

For your upcoming party or event, securing the barware that you need can help you to set the stage for a memorable evening. In addition to your favorite beverages, a perfectly planned bar should also be well-stocked with all of the accoutrements, including everything such as the bar mats, cocktail shakers, stirrers, blenders, frozen drink machines, and even the bar itself for your bartender to perform. Concept Party Rentals has everything that you need to have the sophisticated bar station setup that will allow you to serve your guests their favorite libations. We offer barware rentals for a single day or for several days if you have a multi-day event scheduled. When you rent your barware from Concept, you'll enjoy our broad selection. We have a variety of different stand-up bar styles to fit your decor, ranging from the classic rustic look to modern folding bars in black or white. We will deliver your barware to your NYC venue, and when your party or event has ended, we will pick up your rentals for you. CONCEPT has everything that you need to make your party or wedding event the success of which you dream. Contact us today to plan for all of your party planning needs and to place your rental order.