Proofing Cabinet Rentals

Baker's Rack
$60.00 / day
Plate Mate
$90.00 / day
Jack Stack
$85.00 / day
Proofing Tray
$2.25 / day

Large events and parties in New York City require you to have a way to keep enormous quantities of food warm and nicely displayed for your guests. Your caterers or kitchen staff will need to have proofing cabinets and bakers' racks available so that they can easily store the food as it's prepared. If your event is smaller, you will still benefit from our half-sized proofing cabinets. Our warming and proofing cabinets use Sterno fuel, so they are perfect regardless of whether you have access to electrical outlets. Concept Party Rentals also has the proofing trays that you will need to place your food in the cabinets. With our bakers' racks, you can easily store the pastries that you will serve to your guests. If you will be preparing your food at a different location before transporting it to your venue, you'll love our stackable food storage boxes. These boxes are foam insulated and are able to keep your food at the temperature that you desire for up to four hours. To reserve your equipment, contact us today. Be sure to browse through our other categories of supplies to find everything that you need.