Sanitation Equipment Rentals

Bamboo Tiki Torch
$10.00 / day
Extension Cord
$15.00 / day
Hand Truck
$45.00 / day
Masking Tape Roll
$6.00 / day
Bus Boy Tub
$3.00 / day
Mop & Bucket
$40.00 / day
$8.00 / day
Dust Pan
$10.00 / day
Garbage Bag
$1.00 / day
Waiter Tray
$5.00 / day
Waiter Stand
$5.00 / day
Hand Wash Station
$45.00 / day

Your upcoming party or corporate event in New York City will be the most successful if you are able to keep your venue spotlessly clean and pristine. With the right sanitation equipment, you or your employees can keep the floors free of debris and your tables quickly cleared of used plates, napkins, utensils and glasses. Concept Party Rentals has a complete line of sanitation equipment rentals for your party. You can select 32-gallon metal or plastic garbage pails along with the liners that go in them. To make your party environmentally friendly, make sure to also choose some blue recycling pails that you can place strategically around your venue. Your servers and bussers will require non-skid serving trays and bussing tubs so that they can serve your guests and remove their plates and other items when they are finished. To help you to keep your floors spotless, we have industrial brooms and mops as well as brooms with dustpans. If your event will happen outdoors, you can make certain that it looks beautiful by renting our blowers. All of our party equipment and supplies are available for low daily rental fees, allowing you to plan everything so that you can stage a memorable party.