Cooking Supply Rentals

After you have gathered the cooking equipment that you will need to throw your outdoor party or event, you will need to make certain that you have the types of fuel so that you can prepare your food. You might need Sterno fuel for your buffet's chafing dishes or for storing food so that you can keep it warm. Butane fuel might be necessary for your portable stove, allowing you to prepare side dishes and entrees without the need for electricity. If you will be grilling outside, you may need to get charcoal and lighter fluid. We offer all of these heating sources for sale at low prices, allowing you to throw an enjoyable outdoor party. Our charcoal is made by Royal Oak and is composed of renewable wood, allowing you to offer food with a great taste and that is free of harmful additives. Concept Party Rentals offers a broad selection of party supplies and equipment for people throughout New York City. We are able to help you with all of your equipment and supply needs so that you can hold a memorable and successful event.