Waffle Iron
$95.00 / day
Hot Dog Roller
$40.00 / day
Panini Grill
$95.00 / day
Toaster Conveyor
$195.00 / day
Copper Heat Lamp
$75.00 / day
Chrome Heat Lamp
$65.00 / day
Griddle Cover
$50.00 / day
Double Side Griddle
$25.00 / day
Copper Pan - 15"
$35.00 / day
Butane Fuel
$6.95 / day

The tabletop cooking items and accessories are fantastic for events where the chefs will go out to mingle with the guests while making their victuals. Some of the rental items, such as the industrial toaster, are good choices for guests to use themselves too. The burners and grills make succulent steaks, hamburgers, chicken breasts, hot dogs, and the like, and the cleanup is minimal. Many of the items work with either propane or Sterno, so they don't need to be tied to electric cords. These work fine in venues "off the beaten path," such as at a beach, in the forest or hills, or other such locations.