Privacy Policy

Effective date: June 16, 2018

Concept Party Rentals Inc. hereafter known as "We" and “CONCEPT” and by first-person plural pronouns, takes privacy extremely seriously. Our privacy includes an umbrella that covers visitors to the website, customers, and employees. Because the business world is ever-changing, we hold fast to the right to modify either this policy outright or any definitions contained therein. The subsection of this policy governing such changes is marked: “Privacy Policy Changes.” This privacy policy also outlines how we collect any information you provide us on

The Collection of Personal Information

It is necessary for us to collect certain kinds of information from you so that we can provide you with an efficient, seamless experience on our website. These data include:

  • Basic contact information;
  • Any relevant billing information;
  • Account information for verification;
  • The history of your association with the company, including your order history;
  • Any email address you wish to provide us for future contact;
  • Location-specific data and cookies.

Your IP address, type of computer, type of operating system, and other similar data about your computer are collected automatically when you log into the website. Such information makes troubleshooting easier and swifter and allows accurate order confirmation.

The Use of Personal Information

We only use the information for necessary tasks related to your association with the company. Such tasks include:

  • The fulfillment and confirmation of orders;
  • The presenting of product descriptions;
  • The answering of customer service requests;
  • The administration of your account;
  • The answering of all questions and concerns entered through the website.

The Protection of Your Data

Your personal information must be protected, which is why we encrypt all communications between you and our company. We use only the latest incarnation of secure socket-layer, or SSL, technology to protect you and your personal information. After receipt of your information, we safeguard it with equally cutting-edge software and hardware that conforms to the general high standards of the industry.

The Sharing of Information

From time to time, it is necessary, either for business reasons or for reasons concerning your relationship with the CONCEPT, to share your information with third parties. We only do so in the manner described within this privacy policy. It is never sold, and we control all of the sharing. Third parties are not allowed to data mine our collection of customer information. As an example, to fulfill an order you place, it will obviously be necessary to provide your contact information and address to the equipment supplier company. That supplier, however, would not be allowed to use that information to send you solicitation emails or physical junk mail. In certain cases, we are compelled to release your information in accordance with the law, such as in cases where there is a danger to yourself or others, fraud of some kind present, or simply to protect our rights or follow any good-faith legal directives.

Cookies and Tracking

Cookies are tiny text files that help our systems collect browsing data. By studying the browsing patterns of both you and others, we can keep abreast of the latest trends in product preference and deliver the items our customers most want. Cookies do not collect or distribute personal information

Third-Party Websites

On our website, you will find links to other websites run by third parties. Once you navigate away from our website, we are not responsible for your online interaction with any third party. That website might collect your personal data under terms different than those contained in this privacy policy. We have no control over that or any other collection of data. We heartily recommend that you read the applicable privacy policies for those websites before navigating through them and providing them your data either on purpose or accidentally. Our privacy policy obviously does not apply to others. Additionally, we neither endorse nor recommend these websites in any way. We include them on our website merely for the sake of convenience.

Privacy Policy Changes

We update this privacy policy from time to time so that we may accurately show changes in our information practices, adjust to any new laws, or both. Before we change anything, we will notify you on the website before the effective date of the change. It is crucial that you review this policy often, which will protect you from any surprises regarding its contents.