Rental Guideline

Our cancellation policy

Items that are canceled less than seven days prior to the date of your scheduled delivery or pickup will have a 30% cancellation fee applied. If you cancel your items less than 48 hours in advance, you will be assessed a 100% cancellation fee.

Standard pickup and delivery rates

We calculate our pickup and delivery rates according to the distance and the estimated time that the delivery will take. Using this approach allows us to keep our costs lower, increase the number of deliveries and pickups that we can schedule and pass our savings on to you. Our delivery or pickup windows are based on a standard 8-hour window, a 4-hour window or a 1-hour window. When you place your order, your event specialist will determine your rates. If your delivery will require multiple trucks, it will cost more.

If the delivery will be to a venue or a business, you will need to give us the hours that it is open, the person to contact at the location and any additional instructions that might help us to have a smooth delivery or pickup process.

Special rates for deliveries or pickups

We charge special rates for deliveries or pickups that are scheduled after 5PM or before 9AM. Deliveries or pickups that are scheduled on weekends or holidays also have special rates applied in addition to the standard rates. Speak to your event specialist if your event will need these off-hours services.

Access of our truck to your location

If you are aware of any issues for large trucks being able to access your location, please tell us. These include such things as low branches, turn-around areas, narrow driveways, access codes and steep entryways.

Ancillary costs

We charge ancillary costs if your location will require delivering your items at a distance that is greater than 50 feet from where the truck can park. The fees will also apply if we must carry your items up and down stairs, elevators or steep slopes. If you will need ancillary delivery services, please let your event specialist know.

Rental fees

We base our rental fees on three-day periods, which includes delivery one day before your event and pick up one day after it. For Saturday or Sunday event, we deliver on Friday and pickup on Monday without additional charges for extra day. If you need an extended time period, additional rates are available.

Your responsibilities

  • Upon the delivery of your items, you assume the responsibility for all of the rental items that you have ordered.
  • If you need items set up or need ancillary services, additional fees will apply.
  • You are responsible for inspecting, counting and receiving each product that we deliver to you.
  • It is your responsibility to review the operating instructions that come with some of our items.
  • You will need to sign paperwork that confirms that you have received all of the items and that they are in working order.
  • You must immediately report any issues with your items.

Equipment return responsibilities

  • All of your rental items should be placed in the pickup location. Make certain to return all packing materials, bags, boxes, hangers and racks.
  • Plates should be rinsed and placed in the crates that we provide. You do not need to scrap wash them.
  • Glasses should be placed upside down in the provided boxes or glass racks.
  • Flatware should be rinsed and placed in the provided bins.
  • You must shake out debris and crumbs from your linens. Place them in the linen bags that we provide. Make certain that damp linens are allowed to dry before you put them in the linen bags so that they do not mildew.
  • Check your order to make certain that all of the items are ready for pick up.
  • If you will not be there at the pickup time, the product counts will be final. You will be billed for any missing items.
  • You should stack and protect items that are used for outdoor events to avoid damages from the weather.
  • We will assess cleaning or labor charges if the equipment is not ready or is not clean when we arrive for the pickup time.
  • If an item did not meet your needs or did not work correctly, contact your event specialist (212) 222-2424.