Chafing Dish Rentals

Copper Chafer Round
$40.00 / day
Griddle Cover
$50.00 / day
Copper Pan - 15"
$35.00 / day
Copper Rechaud
$35.00 / day
Copper Heat Lamp
$75.00 / day
Hammered Chafer Round
$40.00 / day
Silver Chafer Round
$30.00 / day
Chrome Heat Lamp
$65.00 / day
Sterno Chafing Fuel
$1.10 / day
Baine Marie (2 qt)
$30.00 / day
Soup Tureen (7 qt)
$30.00 / day

If you plan to serve food at your party or event, you'll want to use chafing dishes to make certain that everything stays at the correct temperature. Chafing dishes are made to keep your food warm so that it will taste great during serving. Concept Party Rentals has a wide selection of chafing dish rentals from which you can choose. You can delicate-looking silver chafing dishes, fanciful chafing dishes with curved wrought iron legs and stainless-steel bodies in round, rectangular and square shapes. You'll often see these dishes at such events as wedding reception buffet lines, corporate parties and other catering events. With our huge selection, you can choose dishes that are functional and that fit your party's theme. We rent chafers in complete set, including water pan, inset pan (liner) and sterno fuel. Additional liners are available to accommodate large events. Planning the perfect party will necessitate your attending to the smallest of details. Browse our selection of chafing dishes to find what you need, and remember to look at all of the other buffet supplies and equipment that we offer to make your event special!