Beaded Tray - Rectangle
$15.00 / day
Mod Stainless Steel Tray - Rectangular
$12.00 / day
Silver Galley Tray - Round
$8.00 / day
Regal Tray - Round
$25.00 / day
Silver Beaded Tray - Round
$7.75 / day
Silver Tray - Round
$5.00 / day
Silver Rectangle Tray w/ Handles
$14.00 / day
Candy 3 Tier Stand
$16.50 / day
Candy 2 Tier Stand
$13.50 / day
Mod Melamine Faux Wood Tray
$16.00 / day
Pizza Paddle
$25.00 / day
Spanish Wood Tray
$25.00 / day
Wood Plank Tray
$12.00 / day

From hammered copper to stainless-steel, these rental trays will fit any event theme. The trays range in size from small to large, and they're both lightweight no matter their size and easy-to-carry no matter their size. They have different decorations on the rims, and the rims themselves are beaded, lipped, and even slotted. Some are gallery trays with high rims, which are used for serving drinks, tea sandwiches, or other small finger foods that might fall off of a regular serving tray. The trays come in various shapes, too, including square, circular, oval, and even irregular with waves or leaves. There are elongated trays for serving caviar and toasts, triangular trays for appetizers, and even white, plastic cafeteria trays for a certain party theme!