Concession Equipment Rentals

During the warmer months in New York City, people love going to fairs and carnivals. Part of the ambiance of these events is helped by the scent of food as it wafts through the venue. If you are planning to host a carnival, you'll want to make sure that you have all of the concession equipment that you will need so that people can indulge in their favorite comfort foods. You can choose to rent hotdog carts so that you can serve up the traditional outdoor fare. When it's hot outside, your visitors will enjoy their ability to choose snow-cones or ice cream that helps to cool them off. Popcorn poppers and carts can let you offer a favorite carnival item. Our carts come with umbrellas so that your workers will have protection from the sun. We also have the outdoor tables and linens that your guests will need as they enjoy their festival foods. Concept Party Rentals helps people throughout NYC with planning and executing the best parties and festivals by supplying them with all of the equipment for affordable daily fees. Contact us today to rent the supplies that you require for a great event.