Tabletop Rentals

Black Wire Cone Basket
$9.00 / day
Seagrass Basket
$5.00 / day
Wicker Basket
$15.00 / day
Mini Salt & Pepper
$2.50 / day
Pepper Mill
$10.00 / day
Silver Gravy Boat
$6.50 / day
Gravy Ladle
$2.50 / day
Table Number Stand
$3.50 / day
Silver Sugar Tong
$2.00 / day
Tavola Creamer
$5.00 / day
Tavola Sugar Bowl
$4.00 / day
Silver Creamer
$9.00 / day
Silver Sugar Bowl
$9.00 / day

The perfect party in New York City is one that is planned down to the tiniest of details. You may have planned for your guests to enjoy terrific food and drinks, and you might also already have ordered the tables, chairs and other items. To help you make your food service complete, you'll also want to make certain that you have the right tabletop items available to your guests. Concept Party Rentals has a broad selection of pieces that can complete your dinner service. We have glass or wooden salt and pepper shakers, oil cruets, bread baskets, gravy bowls, serving bowls and more. You can choose the pieces that will best complement your party's design scheme and your style. All of our tabletops are available for rent at a low daily price, allowing you to plan a single-day party or an event spanning several days. In addition to our tabletop items, we also have a huge catalog containing all of the other party equipment and supplies that you need. We are dedicated to helping individuals and businesses to plan terrific parties so that you and your guests can celebrate in style.