Bowl Rentals

Ceramic Stacking Bowl
$7.00 / day
Ceramic Angled Bowl
$9.00 / day
Ceramic Fusion Bowl
$10.00 / day
Ceramic Tavola Flared Bowl
$3.00 / day
Ceramic Square Bowl
TBD / day
Ceramic Rice Bowl
$1.25 / day
$1.50 / day
Oval Ramekin
$2.35 / day
Smooth Ramekin
$1.50 / day
Ceramic Square Ramekin Bowl
$1.60 / day
Tavola Rectangle Bowl
$4.00 / day
Tavola Canoe Bowl
$1.50 / day
Oval Baking Dish
$18.00 / day
Angled Hammered Glass Bowl
$11.00 / day
Square Glass Cube
TBD / day
Glass V Bowl
$1.35 / day
Trifle Glass Bowl
$2.50 / day
Nova Copper Bowl
$20.00 / day
Nova Copper Short Bowl
$15.00 / day
Mod Regal Bowl
$7.00 / day
Mod Revere Bowl
$5.00 / day
Mod Square Bowl
$5.00 / day
Mod Curved Bowl
$6.00 / day
Moraccan Copper Bowl
$22.00 / day
Silver Revere Bowl - Round
$6.00 / day
Silver Revere Bowl - Square
$5.00 / day
SS Ramekin - 2 oz
$1.60 / day
Wood Caesar Salad Bowl
$18.00 / day
Wood Salad Bowl - Round
$4.00 / day

If you are planning an important party or catering event, you likely want it to be memorable. By paying attention to every last detail, you can have the perfect buffet station setting that you want. Your dinnerware and bowls can help to showcase the food that your guests will enjoy, adding an air of elegance to the cocktail reception. Concept Party Rentals has a huge selection of bowl rentals from which you can select. You will find the perfect bowls to complement your party's theme and decorations to lend just the type of feel to the room that you desire. You can choose white china bowls, wave bowls and ramekins for a simple style that will complement all color and design schemes. For upscale events, you might want to choose our decorative and ornate fleur bowls. When you find the right pieces with us, you will be able to rent them for a low daily fee. In addition to our bowls, you can find all of the other equipment that you need to throw a terrific party in New York City.