Sterno Chafing Fuel for Rent

Sterno Chafing Fuel


$1.10 / day

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Material Methanol
Can size 7 oz
Fuel type Gel fuel
BTU 1,430
Burn time 2 hr

The Sterno we provide comes in either 3-ounce or 7-ounce tins. Once lit, the 7-ounce tin will provide 1,430 BTU for up to two hours while the 3-ounce tin provides roughly half that.

  • Clean burning
  • Keeps food hot and ready to serve

Operating Instructions


  • Pry sterno lid off with a blunt object
  • Place sterno inside the slot beneath chafing dish
  • Light sterno using long match or long lighter (make sure water pan, urn or kettle body filled with water prior to lighting)



  • After you light the Sterno, container will get VERY HOT!