Round Copper Chafer for Rent

Copper Chafer Round


$40.00 / day

Please, select one



Material Copper w/
wrought iron stand
Cover type Lift-Off
Color Copper
Shape Round


Included accessories:
  • (1) chafing food insert pan
  • (1) water pan
  • (1) 7 oz sterno chafing fuel

Operating Instructions


  • Fill the chafer’s water pan with hot water (1" water level)
  • Pry open the lid of the canned-fuel (sterno) container and place container in heat cup
  • Check water pan during chafer use every two hours and add water as needed to maintain sufficient water level



  • Do not use anything but Sterno type fuel in the burner field
  • Never light the burner unit before putting water into the Water Pan
  • Do not put unit on a hot stove or an open flame
  • Stainless steel Insert Pans can be used for cooking (they can also be placed in the oven to keep food hot)